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Trusted Teaching Methods

We believe that for a child to learn to read and write well, they need to be taught with explicit instruction and intentional goals that follow a scope and sequence of learning. As a parent you play a vital role in supporting your child's learning.


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Who we help

Children who are starting school

Children who are 4-5 years old and are ready for phonemic awareness skills and foundational early literacy skills

Children who are English Language Learners 

Children who need support and confidence to speak well, listen effectively, read with understanding and write effectively - up to Year 4

Children who are struggling to improve

Children who are below standard in school literacy and are falling behind their peers - up to Year 4

Children with learning difficulties

Children who need explicit instruction, structured scope and sequence of learning and one to one teaching - up to Year 4

Parent Connect: Benefits


Parent Connect: Testimonials

Liam's Mum

Thank you so much Kate, your professional and effective learning program really made a difference in Liam's English learning journey. It's not only improved his reading and writing, but also surprised me that he becomes more confident when he expresses his feelings and talks to others in English at school. Today he brought home his first certificate from school ever. I'm overwhelmed with his accomplishments. This is amazing. Thank you for creating such a fun learning environment and Liam enjoyed every single class. We really appreciated all the hard work you have put in Liam.

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