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Literacy Lessons

All students are personally assessed to identify their learning strengths and weaknesses, including their phonological and phonemic awareness skills. This information forms the baseline of your child’s learning programme and identifies how best to support their personal literacy needs. All students attend a minimum of two lessons per week to ensure intervention and learning can progress at a successful pace.

Literacy Lessons: Text

Assessment of Learning


Assessment of learning plays an important part in understanding where your child is at in their phonological skills, spelling, reading, writing and speaking. This information pinpoints their next learning steps and what areas may be holding them back. The earlier that issues are identified, the sooner we can start remedial learning. It's important to get your child's learning on track in order to maintain and build self-confidence.

"Hi Kate, Thanks for the detailed assessment report, it is very useful for me to support my daughters learning. I will recommend you to my friends who may need help with their child's English skills. I would also recommend parents look into their child's English skills at an earlier stage (Yr 1 and 2) as it is easier to fill any gap if there is any". Pam.

Literacy Lessons: Courses

Year 0 / 1 Beginning Readers & Writers

$65+GST per lesson

A fun and engaging face to face, small group lesson that teaches essential foundational skills in reading and writing. These lessons build confidence and school success, giving your child the best start possible in learning how to read and write well.

These lessons are further supported with our exclusive digital tools that support learning at home.​​

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Literacy Lessons: Courses

Years 1 - 4


Phase 3 Learner
$90 +GST

Private Face to Face Lessons 

These weekly lessons are for children where face to face is more appropriate for their learning. A full comprehensive lesson, with a focus on explicit teaching and intervention, targeting your child's specific learning needs.


Phase 2 Learner

1 x Private Online Lesson 

1 x Small Group Lesson 

These two essential weekly lessons, work together to activate and impact your child's learning.

A weekly private online lesson with a focus on explicit teaching in phonological skills, spelling, word work, reading and comprehension. 

A weekly small group lesson with a focus on specific writing skills, developing vocabulary and building confidence with essential social learning skills.

Online Learning

Phase 1 Learner

1 x Online Small Group Lesson

A weekly small group lesson for children who have achieved their learning goals through Phase 2 lessons and are motivated to continue developing their learning in writing and language skills.

Online Class

Digital Download

Online Learning Package

A beginners pack that develops the foundation for essential skills in reading and writing. Includes learning and activities based on sound awareness, phonemic skills, letters, words, handwriting and reading. Can be used as a stand alone package or in conjunction with the Yr 0 / 1 small group class to further support home learning.

                COMING SOON

Literacy Lessons: Products

Want to know more about what is in a lesson?

Your child's assessment forms the basis of what is taught in their private lessons. Our lessons are individually planned to specifically target the learning your child needs.

  • Assessment - informs our planning and is the starting point of learning goals and building new skills

  • Phonemic and phonological skills - to develop strong brain pathways

  • Sounds to print - learning how to transfer speech sounds and connecting to alphabetic symbols in reading and writing

  • Decodable text - reading is intentionally aligned with skills

  • Handwriting - coordination, strength, letter formation, confidence to write fluently

  • Structured scope and sequence (phonics, reading and writing skills)

  • Spelling - orthographic mapping

  • Reading success; vocabulary, fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension

  • Writing success - thinking, grammar, syntax, punctuation, crafting, editing

Literacy Lessons: Benefits
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