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Kids English Literacy

We are a New Zealand private teaching and tuition service operated by Registered NZ Primary School Teachers. We teach young children who are at the beginning of their learning journey and those who are struggling to develop good reading and writing skills in a school environment. If your child is aged between 4 - 8 years old, our mission is to teach your child how to read and write well. We believe this comes about through explicit teaching of Structured Literacy, that is well supported through scientific research and evidenced-based teaching. We plan and teach in a way that builds strong brain pathways and sets your child up with self-confidence and success in reading and writing.

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Kate Ng

Founder and Managing Director

Welcome everyone, 

My name is Kate Ng and my husband Dennis and I have raised a family of four children on Auckland's North Shore for the last 25 years.  We love our local beaches and often spend our holidays somewhere close to the water. 

I have been teaching in NZ education for 25 years, in both private and public kindergarten and primary schools.  The body of research known as the Science of Reading, provides essential evidence in how children learn to read and is a guide to how I teach. The five essential skills of reading (phonemic awareness, phonological skills, oral fluency, vocabulary and comprehension) also play an important part in planning your child's learning goals.  As a specialist teacher in Structured Literacy and Language, my unique skill is intervention with young children who are struggling to develop well in reading and writing. I also specialise in teaching explicit literacy to beginning readers in Yr 0 / 1. The research is evident that this way of learning is what prevents reading and writing difficulties later on. 

As teacher, parent and student we are on an exciting journey of learning. Sharing these milestones, achievements and successes together is priceless. I look forward to talking with you soon. 

Kind Regards

Kate Ng

M.ED (Literacy)

B. Ed 


Diploma Teaching (ECE) 

Full Teacher Registration

 “Few would deny that teaching children to read, write, spell, listen and speak is among the foremost responsibilities of educators. Without well-developed reading skills, children cannot participate fully in classroom learning."                 Dr Louisa Cook Moats

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We believe that young children need effective knowledge and skills in reading, writing and speaking in order to achieve all that they want out of life. At KEL your child’s learning pathway is developed from known educational research, and the learning experience is based on proven evidence. As teachers we are informed, experienced and highly motivated. Together our commitment to high expectations form the foundation of a strong launch pad of learning for every child. 


Trust: Teachers, parents and students are planning for success and maximising effective learning time.

Commitment: Teachers, parents and students are engaged and participate in the learning journey.

Transparency: The path to success and achievement is communicated, displayed and reflected on regularly by teachers, parents and  students.

Quality: Learning and teaching is based on research findings and educational evidence which informs all lesson planning and practice.

High Expectations: Teachers, parents and students continuously strive to develop and implement knowledge in literacy learning.

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